About Us

ACM is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. ACM is a national organization with over 180 proffesional chapters and 680 student chapters. The USA ACM Chapter was started in the fall of 2014 and is one of the longest-running organizations within the School of Computing.

What topics do meetings cover?

The topic of our meetings vary from meeting to meeting,. Some meetings are informational and we discuss different subjects regarding career advancement and networking practices. We also hold more technical meetings where we give introductions to different programming languages and skills.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved with ACM is simple! Regardless of background or major, everyone is welcome to join ACM! To keep up with our organization and see our organization announcements be sure to join our Discord, and be on the lookout for School of Computing wide announcements about our meetings.

Are there any requirements to join?

There are absolutely no requirements to join ACM! The only thing we asked is that you come ready to learn!

What if I miss a meeting?

No need to worry! If you miss a meeting the powerpoint slides will always be posted in our Google Drive. Any hands on meetings like code demos and tutorials will be posted in our Github. If you need any adiitional help or information please reach out to an officer!


Patrick Image

Hi, I'm Patrick Knight, I am an IT major with a focus in Web Development. I like to read comics and watch horror movies. I'm interested in pursuing a career as a Web Devloper or UI/UX Designer

Patrick Knight


Jospeh Image

Hello, my name is Joseph Gray. I am a liberal arts graduate but decided to partake in the growing global economy by pursuing a Masters in Information Systems. I like SQL, virtual table top games, and walking around campus when not studying in the ACM room in Shelby Hall.

Joseph Gray


Chakriya Image

Hi my name is Chakriya Suon and my major is Information Technology with a networking focus track. Some hobbies I enjoy are: watching movies, playing video games, and traveling. I'm interested in pursuing a career in Information Assurance, or being in a Systems Analyst Role.

Chakriya Suon


Brayan Image

Hi, my name is Brayan Fortunato, and I am majoring in Computer science with a Math minor. I like to watch anime and complete personal programming projects. After I graduate, I intend to attend medical school. I plan to be a physician and integrate the knowledge I have learned from computer science into improving medicine.

Brayan Fortunado