Joining ACM

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, however to become an official member recognized by both USA and the USA ACM chapter, you must join the organization through Involve South as well as pay dues for the year.

Involve South

Involve South Logo

Involve South is the University's site to manage all student organizaitons and their members as well as any events that may be taking place within them. It is a fantastic tool to use to search for and request to join any student organization on campus. USA ACM uses engage to keep track of our own members.
To request to join ACM through Involve South:

After completing those steps, the President will view and accept your request and you will be one step closer to being a member!


ACM collects dues every academic year to fund the various events and meetings we hold. Dues are $15 and are only collected once for the entire year.
To pay dues:

After completing the checkout process you are now recognized as an official member of USA ACM!